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What is the most efficient indication for the business?

The best hint for any business is one which will attract the most clients and provide your company the correct identity. The signages must convey your message precisely. As specialists in graphics and signs, Smedia Solutions will help with advice and determine the best solution for your needs. Smedia also has the equipment and experience to make top quality signs able to make you noticed.

What are LED signals and how do they work?

Light Emitting is a solid state semiconductor device that can convert electrical energy directly into light energy. Becoming increasingly popular, LEDs are flexible, easy to deal with and are low in energy use, providing a smart, professional end to both interior and exterior signs. There is a selection of the available and LED signals of color. Why do I want graphic signs to advertise my business? . Signs are the best and affordable form of advertising, boosting your company 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Signs are the primary point of communication between you and your customers/visitors.

Would you come to my workplace to fit the signage?

Yes! we’ve our routes that are fitting through the week, but will try and fit you in as best we can. Based on your signage we might have requirements to permit us to fit the stickers, but these differ from job to job.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! We may dismiss jobs where bigger quantities are arranged, or where materials are used. What’s the lifespan of the hint? The life-span of a sign is determined by a number of factors, this is the location, the quality of the materials employed and maintenance schedule for your sign after installation. In general, you should expect an indication last about 10 years with regular maintenance, but many companies will replace their signage every five years to keep the image looking clean and up to date.

What promise does my sign have?

Our signals have been finished at the highest possible standard and they are provided with a 5 year warranty from the date of the conclusion of the installation like us indicate the specifications to attain the guarantee. What quality controls do you have in place? . We use an in house control system, with inter-departmental audits making sure that all signals are manufactured at the highest standards.

How long will it take to manufacture my sign?

We take  7-10 working days normally but if we are really busy, it may take up to 15 working days. If your project is really urgent, we can come to an agreement on a certain time frame. All timeline estimations are from receipt of an agreed deposit or purchase order.

What materials can be used in the construction of my sign?

We are capable of using different types of materials. Acrylic, glass, wood, brass, steel, aluminium and composite are to name of the materials. We  Materials are available in various different colors’ and finishes.

Do you provide any other services?

Smedia Solutions  is not only a sign manufacturing company but we can advise you on selecting the best ways you can use signage boards for your branding and advertising.


You can find here the answers to some of the questions related to our design, printing frequently asked by our customers or users visiting this site. 

Sign boards are one of the important ways you can create your brand identity. And we understand the importance of the signages, which is why we are always ready to answer any new questions you have. If you have any questions that are not available in the  FAQ, you can always feel free to contact us. You can either make an enquiry or call us at 9360606132 to make an appointment to have a detailed discussion.

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